Audio Archaeology Radio: Volume XXV [hosted by – Khan Kurra]


Khan Kurra - Audio Archaeology (March 2019) [Originals]

This mix is a showcase of new works; some of my most recently released music and some 
forthcoming, plus several works in progress.

SilverᛥThrone (Interlude)
Croesus (Excerpt)
Inner Life (Excerpt)
SunkenᛥShips (Interlude) [Forthcoming Audio Archaeology]
Sha Tzi [Lifted Contingency]
ColdᛥSpell [Forthcoming Audio Archaeology]
Lone Wolf (Earthstone Mix)
Cross Paths (Sketch)
Something Lost (Earthstone Mix)
HoldingᛥIn (Interlude)
Temporary Strife (Original Version)
Sabrina V.III
Bridges and Streams (Interlude)
Waterhorse (feat. bhed) [Lifted Contingency]
No Glory (Deconstruction)
龍の骨 (Vendetta Mix)
Luthirium IX (Vendetta Mix)
Steppe Riders (Original Mix)


Khan Kurra - Norse + Northern European Sounds (March 2019)

This mix focuses on Northern European folk and folk/pagan revivalist music:
Scandinavian and Celtic Folk, "Neo-Folk", and modern Norse Folk/Pagan sounds, 
interspersed with Dungeon Synth and Ambient/Ritual selections, plus a few 

Garmarna - Trånpolska
Hedningarna - Ölbackens Polska
Ruumisto - Käy nyt tuskat tuntemahan
Danheim - Glitnir
Heilung - Krigsgaldr
Balrog - Beowulf & Dragon
Vidar Lande - Skrubben
Anne Marie Summers and Helen Wilding - Estampie yr ehedydd 
(The Lark’s Estampie)
Folkstone - Avanti!
Old Tower - The Rise of the Specter part I (Excerpt)
Blòt Heathen - Preparing For Battle
Rùnfell - Skjalfa
Rùnfell - Kattegat Journey
HypnorotoMachina - mjölnir
Runahild - Urd
Hans Brimi - Springleik - Springdans - Springar - Pols - Dance
Gjallarhorn - Längteren
Björk - Anchor Song (Live Acoustic Version)

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