About Audio Archaeology.



8K Show Website: https://8k.nz/shows/audio-archaeology/

Podcasts/Mixes:  http://mixcloud.com/audioarchaeology/

Residencies to date – Bhed of Leipzig, Germany. Khan Kura of Colorado, USA,

Camu of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vagrant of Russia, Seventh Son of Canada,

Bruce Fox of Lyttelton







final show played here before it closed down.

http:// auricle.org.nz/

currently looking at options for a new space.

Guests Included:

flux the cynic, Seaside, Thomas William Downs, [lucky.s.], POLO

Marco Cescon, Rory ‘IRD’ Dalley, Reuben Derrick, Regressor, Charlieso, Eske, Underslung

and Local Florist, T.L. Bigelow



the art style of Audio Archaeology
comes from of course, Archaeology.
a subset of Anthropology. the database of radio, exhibitions, interview and archive is full spectrum. ranging from the 80’s to yesteryear..and modern day.
an eclectic blend of shows,
from some very talented folk local and abroad.


the goal of audio archaeology is to library sound.

raise awareness of youth possession, both good and bad in

messages conveyed in millennial culture.


this will get transferred to a .co.nz eventually too, need to update this somewhat. redesign of the webpages comes once the skeletal frame of it is fleshed out. basic theme works for now. can be designed as complex or simplly as you want to. wordpress is an amazing program.

the archive is actually my computer and HDD’s.
so transferring that into a web setting is something that takes time over a lot of radio shows through that platform.

people listen and record and play a lot of sound, weekly, daily, monthly, yearly, over decades. it’s stopping and making one folder and saying. this is definitively the best music of all genres i have ever heard.

something that will be done over many people’s HDD’s in time until there is an extensive level of sound there and links to saved so it won’t be lost in the sedimentary layers of millennial sound. right now, as it stands we are sort of the gatekeepers of a certain era and that before us..

people are not going to have access to a lot of music soon, it is going to be lost in a swamp. all that i can do is archive it in a vault, which i do extensively, and slowly filter it out into this webpage.

i’m busy making foundational shows that will be full spectrum, not focusing on any genre in particular. a year’s worth of radio shows is a lot. so fine grading it to be a good archive is the point. there is such an extensive oversaturation that you have to be an exceptional selector..i wouldn’t say that i’m not.

some kind of present for the aliens, offering to god. to say look..we as humans. this is the good sound.

i have already had residencies from all over it’s just a matter of archiving the tracklists. which is fundamental as part of the archive. the podcast is there..however the tracklisting is something that people can go to and say ok..i now associate with the track title and artwork too if any. a lot of people will be fine grading their collections for this. it is an extensive archive. i don’t need everyone, just some exceptional people.

my knowledge/memory is remarkable..however if i want someone to
present something that is like hey, this is the best music
i’ve ever heard in my entire (x amount of years) on earth then that is enough.

Tidings, Thom.